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2020 Public Holidays

Fee Structure

Fee Structure  2020  
Classic 5 day    
Half Day- until 1pm 2600  
Happy Hour - until 2pm 2800  
Aftercare -until 5:30pm 2999  
Siblings rate    
Half Day- until 1pm 2500  
Happy Hour - until 2pm 2600  
Aftercare -until 5:30pm 2800  
Leisure 3 day program    
Half Day- until 1pm 2,300   
Happy Hour - until 2pm 2,400   
Aftercare -until 5:30pm 2,600   
Fees include fresh fruit, tea, hot lunch and afternoon snacks    
Weekends only 100/Day Bring own food 
Additional Fees    
Non refundable yearly administration fees 700   
Yearly stationery 350  
Holiday fees 100/Day  Bring own food 
Late collection fee 100/Day  
NB : Term fees paid once off in full qualify for 2% discount    
NB : Yearly fees paid once off in full qualify for 4% discount    

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