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Our Extras

Our Play Area

Extra Murals are paid separately. We are very particular about what is taught at our kindergarten and our extra murals are no exception. Below are details of what is available and a link for you to find out more about each activity. Please note that extra murals are not compulsory. You may wish to enhance your child’s time with us by letting them take part in one or more class.

Swimming Class
1. Heated pool
2. Classes done on premises
3. 4 learners per session
4. 6 months to Grade R
5. 30mins / 1 hr sessions per week
Gymnastics is the foundation of every sport. Physical exercises are designed to develop strength and coordination.
Kids Tennis/Kids Athletics
Ball games/Balancing
Obstacle course/Kids Athletics
Entertainment Area
Our entertainment area is furnished with an LED monitor and comfortable couches where our little ones can sit and relax on a Friday afternoon. Learners are also exposed to music, dance and puppet shows. Everything is fun at CAK.

Extra Murals

School of Ballet
1. Ballet classes are taught by a qualified ballet teacher.
2. Physical, cognitive and social development
3. Gross and Fine motor development
4. Making new friends because dance friends are forever friends.
5. Exercise, laughter and fun.
Paul Music Academy
Paul Music Academy is a Bible based Christian Music school based in Johannesburg.The aim of this academy is to provide learners with a Godly environment in which to grow and understand their calling. Paul Music Academy has partnered with us to teach little ones the bible through music
Little Netters Netball Academy
Little Netters Netball Academy offers a uniquely designed netball programme for 3 – 6year olds. Little Netters Netball Academy has partnered with us to keep learners physically fit, develop concentration, boost social relationships and build confidence and self-esteem.