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Alpha Generation

At this stage teachers identify learners gaps and take corrective measures to assist learners attain the desired objective.

This class caters for learners between 4 years and 5 years. As a Christian School we expose learners from a young age to Christian values, promoting learning through play. At this stage teachers identify learners’ gaps and take corrective measures to assist learners attain the desired objective. 

To do this, different strategies are deployed. At this stage we place emphasis on Maths, Science and life skills. Mathematical skills are also introduced in a concrete manner, thereafter semi- concrete and abstract. A good foundation of mathematical skill is vital for their development. 

 Science is close to our hearts as it helps to build a lifelong interest in the subject and allows leaners to explore the world around them.  Early morning register activity develops confidence and builds self-esteem. Learners are also be introduced to poems that develops memory, builds vocabulary and confidence. Communication, language development, attention span and listening skills are strengthened through story.

Art lessons allow a learner to express their feelings and emotions in a creative way. Art incorporates many of the aspects of the curriculum- listening, following instructions, time management, fine motor skills, creativity, social skills, science and so on.

Through music listening skills, following instructions and rhythm are developed. At this stage we prepare our learners for Grade R.