Agape Love

Each child is nurtured individually. The class can only accommodate 10 babies to ensure that each child gets the attention they deserve. Each baby has an assigned cot and individual linen.

Abraham's Seed

This class is a great introduction, with a focus on motor development with playful activities and games.

Amazing Grace

It is grounded in our belief that play-based learning at school is best for developing core capacities in little ones. We provide exposure to a broad range of topic areas with an emphasis on integrating biblical, pre-academic skills with play.

Alpha Generation

At this stage teachers identify children gaps and take corrective measures to assist children attain the desired objective.

The Secret Place

Grade R is an important year that bridges the gap between pre-school and primary school, this is a fundamentally important phase of a child’s life.

Omega Movement

After-care classes ensure that efficient study habits are instilled. Children complete their homework with the assistance of a teacher.

Noah's Ark

This is our online class which caters for children that can’t attend classes physically, study material is sent to the learners electronically.

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